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Rayne Grant

Can Mushrooms Save the Planet?
Independent Documentary Film Maker
"Can Mushrooms Save the Planet?" This the question which Rayne Grant poses and is also the name of her documentary. She is on a mission and has set out to collect as much information that she can in order to find the answers... and to produce this Documentary. Some people say that NOTHING can save our planet, while others suggest that fungi have preceded us on this planet, and will continue it's cleanup process whether or not we are here.
Being a single mother of five children, and an independent artist of many facets, Rayne is passionate about what the future holds, not only for her children but for all children and ALL the inhabitants of our beautiful Earth Mother.
Rayne Grant has been accumulating information since 2012. She has been sharing and teaching the information she has been gathering with High School and Junior High Students, and has just recently begun putting on talks at Permaculture Events and various Music Festivals.
"I am on a mission to share information with as many people as possible in whatever fashion makes sense. Information is power, and empowering people in this way also empowers our Mother Earth. Let us all work together for a greater purpose!"